Monday, December 15, 2008

Waggy News December 2008

Hi, all, and Happy December!

We've been super busy - check out our segment on Meredeth TV! as well as our mention in the Channel 11 Morning News (see our logo on the table!)

We're currently wrapping up some filming with Animal Planet featuring our very special wheelchair Chihuahua, Penelope!

We're also going to People's Court! The basics - people adopted a dog from us, ditched the adoption, and then filed claim against us for "defective merchandise." We say - BRING IT!!! We will keep you posted on when it's going to air. (Don't worry - the dog is safe with us!) UPDATE: WE WON!

Upcoming events include:
Waggytail Comedy Show and Auction at Bowery Poetry Club on Feb 13 (save your unwanted holiday gifts to donate for raffle/auction, or if you've got items or services to donate to this, let us know! It's great promo! Project Ruffway a HUGE upscale gala fashion show hosted by Richie Rich in March. Looking ahead, we're also planning a dog/celebrity look-a-like contest for Tompkins Sq Park this summer.

Waggytail Holiday Greeting Cards and Donation Certificates available!!!Save a life, give the gift of Waggytail!!! Adorable Waggytail Rescue Holiday Greeting Cards available now! See our site or email These cards feature some of our rescue dogs in cute holiday photos. A box including shipping is just $14.95. Donation Gift Certificates are also available in any amount, sent directly to your gift recipient. See our site or send an email to for details and to order ! (special thanks to Carrie and Lili for all their hard work on this project!) For those who shun pens, we'll even fill them out and mail them for you for $3.50 each or 4 for $10, postage included of course!

Still time to make your space fabulous for the holidays! General contracting/renovations - specializing in stone masonry but jack of all trades. Attention to detail, meticulous and reliable.Jared Green 702-505-3336 His girlfriend, Erin Sullivan, is also a decorator/organizer who is very reasonable and has an amazing knack for working with the personal style of her clients.Jared and Erin are both huge animal lovers - they also build custom pet furniture, stairs, ramps, etc. Jared and Erin are donating 5% of proceeds to Waggytail Rescue for anyone who mentions Waggytail Rescue when booking them.

Pet need some holiday beauty treatment?Recommended Groomer: Ryland 212.388.1347 home 646.592.1936 cellphone

Need some help with training? Misa Martin is our most amazing recommendation. She uses POSITIVE training methods to get the best long-term results. She's also got an adopted Waggytail who is a star agility dog!

Here are some great training tips from Misa:#1. Why is it so darn important to be able to stick your hands into your dog's food bowl? The current trend to push oneself a bit too harshly upon a dog to "establish dominance" is quite misguided and has led to serious problems for dogs and their humans. A rescued dog especially does not need to be "dominated" - rather, it's vital that the dog's new family dog's new family establishes trust using kind, clear and humane methods of training and relating to the dog. Thinking positively and proactively will help to solve 99% of behavior problems. Being pushy and punishing, however, is a sure way to teach a dog to mistrust you and cause unpredictable, unwanted behaviors.

#2. During the holiday season, dogs are often asked to change their routines. If we haven't taken a little bit of extra time to prepare for this, it can become stressful for us and for our dogs! If your dog needs to be put away for a time to keep him safe, do some dry runs of this first. Get the dog acclimated to the space he needs to be in before any big event, and be sure to associate being in that space with really good treats - a favorite chewie that he only gets in that place, his special blanket, etc. Be sure the dog is exercised and has had his needs taken care of so that you can relax, knowing that your canine friend is doing the same! A dog that's had difficulty in the past with meeting new people will be happiest with some familiar things in a quiet place. Asking a dog who's shy to deal with strange people (who may not know how to act around dogs!) will not lead to very happy holidays. The general consensus amongst those who travel all the time with their dogs is that dogs are safest when crated in your car. Loose dogs interfere with driving and become projectiles during accidents - to prevent this horror, travel with your dog in a secured crate. The crate should be attached with straps to the body of the car so that it does not flip or fly in the case of an accident - most cars have got tiedowns in place, so all you need is a few bungee cords or Velcro straps! If there is no room for a crate, get a padded traveling harness for your pet before you hit the road, and make sure your dog is comfortable in it. A traveling dog needs to have an ID collar on at all times with up-to-date contact info. Some Agility competitors are known to travel with pre-made "Lost!" posters already made up with a current photo and phone numbers. There are all-natural calming supplements available for traveling pets - look in to them now if you feel your pet would benefit from them!-

Thanks, all, and Happy Holidays!

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.You are his life, his love, his leader,He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart,You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."~ Unknown
*Waggytail Holiday Greeting Cards available* Save a life, give the gift of Waggytail!!! Donation Gift Certificates and Adorable Waggytail Rescue Holiday Greeting Cards available now! See our site or email for details

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